Buying a Home? What You Need To Consider After Deciding to Buy

Home buying is a complicated process that doesn't just end at closing. Take a look at our community links to give yourself a head start.

From picking out a new TV provider to learning where your favorite restaraunts are located, moving can be a stressful experience. Our community links are designed to save you time.

A Moving Timeline

Eight Weeks Ahead
  • Contact your mover to make arrangements for moving day. Make sure that estimators are aware of everything that must be moved. Remember that movers are not necesarilly liable for damage to property.
  • Remove items from your attic, basement, storage shed, etc.
  • Start to use up all perishables and other consumables that can not be transported.
Six Weeks Ahead
  • Contact the IRS or an account to find out which expenses are tax deductable.
  • Begin to inventory and evaluate posessions and donate things that are no longer needed.
  • Notify people that you are going to be moving soon.
  • Contact doctors, dentists, lawyers, and accounts for a copy of personal documents.
Four Weeks Ahead
  • Obtain a change-of-address kit from the post office and bega filling out cards with effective date of move. Fill out a change for each family member.
  • Arrange special transportation for your pets and plants. Make sure your pets have their health certificates and their rabies shots.
  • Notify your children's school to arrange for transfer.
  • Contact utility and related companies for service disconnect and reconnect at your new house. Remember to keep utilities running at your current house until move out day.
  • Contact insurance companies to arrange for service in your new home.
Three Weeks Ahead
  • Make travel arrangements and reservations for your moving trip.
  • Collect important documents.
  • Arrange to close accounts at your local bank and open accounts in your new locale.
One Week Ahead
  • Have your car serviced and inspected
  • Transfer your fire insurance and personal insurance so items will be covered en route and at your new home.
  • Arrange for sufficient cash to cover cost of moving services and expenses until you make banking connections. Cash or certified check is required by the moving company, they will not unload the van without it.
  • Don't forget to withdraw the contents of your safe deposit box, pick up dry cleaning, and return library books.
  • Defrost your freezer and fridge. Block doors open so they do not close on pets or children.
  • Pack important personal items in a different box so they will be available immediatly upon arrival.
  • Cancel all home deliveries.
Moving Day
  • Make sure that someone is at home to answer the van foreman's questions. Read your bill of lading and inventory carefully before signing. Keep these and all related papers until charges have been paid and claims have been settled.
  • Leave keys for your old property with your realtor or neighbors.

Moving Checklist

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